Identify and Win Contracts with the US Government

by creating the Winning Proposal.

Increase your business with US Government contracts

US Government and NATO bases are some of the biggest economic entities in Europe, spending Billions every year.

Companies often lose business with the US Government (that pays reliably in 30 days from the date of your invoice) because of lack of knowledge and improperly prepared proposals.

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If you are new in this area, you need to know how to navigate the bureaucratic path to be accredited as a supplier to the US Government funded ebtities (bases, embassies, foreign aid etc).

Have you already participated but did not get the desired results? Often there are problems of properly understanding and correctly interpreting the announcements, the technical and bureaucratic language and the legislative details. All of this confuses the reader and hinders the drafting of offers suitable to win the job, regardless of the economic factor.

Let’s create your Winning Proposal

1. We identify Opportunities

  • We identify opportunities and jobs suitable for your company.
  • We enter the market on the right foot: let’s get to know each other and start a collaboration that can become long term.
  • We use the right approach to identify the essential requirements to participate in one, possibly more jobs.
  • We find the right subcontractors/partners/suppliers and services of support for each project, as needed.

2. We interpret the announcement

  • We analyze the documentation and specifications of the announcement.
  • We already have, or create relations with US officials in the Government to understand their real needs.
  • We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the proposals.
  • We explain the documentation and the needs of the US government.

3. We support you in creating the offer

  • We provide administrative assistance for registration and accreditation as a supplier to the Federal Institutions.
  • We collaborate with your staff in various languages at all stages of the creation of your offer, and translate documents in plain English, with particular attention to technical jargon.
  • We daily keep in touch with US officials to gain more information to increase your chances of award.
  • We look for the most suitable subcontractors for the job and assist you during the negotiations.

4. We can support you in the execution of the awarded contract.

  • We assist you in delivering your products or services.
  • We make sure that the proper documentation is submitted, so that the payment is quick.
  • We help you navigate the system of payments, which can be complicated.
  • We maintain contact with the officials managing the contract.

Which opportunities are right for me?

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