About Us

Forti Radici (Strong Roots) is an initiative of Tom Dollard, American born but eternal traveler, who, after living and working in North & South America, Europe, Africa & the Near East decided to put down roots in the Italian Veneto foothills.

Creative and curious, he has worked with American Government Institutions in Europe since 1986. He was Country Manager for Ford Motor Company, developing a sales and repair network throughout Italy in the 80s and 90s. Later, rode the waves of the crazy Italian real estate market until the bubble burst in 2008, then decided to go back to his roots, make available his knowledge, experience and contacts to help companies win contracts with the US Government and / or export their products and services.

Forti Radici collaborates with professionals who complete the service offered by FRBD with the technical and commercial support necessary to participate and win contracts with the US Government. They work all over the world, in various sectors, including energy, naval, road transport, food supply and construction.


The mission of Forti Radici BD is to understand the actual requirements of any given request/solicitation, examine the market/competition and ensure that the Contracting Officer signs with confidence any/all contracts with the companies supported by FRBD. Behind this “business with a smile” approach is a significant amount of research, creativity, constant brainstorming and empathy which helps Tom and his collaborators to identify with their interlocutors and reach agreements that bring value to both buyers and sellers.

The value brought by Forti Radici Business Development is actually the ability to find the right approach with the right people to get the information necessary to reach the goal, whether to win tenders, or to open new markets. Forti Radici’s goal is to have long-term relationships and to invest in these relationships: this trust allows partners to participate in tenders that often do not leave much time to organize before the offers are due, correct and on-time.