Housing for 230 Enlisted Personnel – 8500 mq

Impresa Costruzioni Giuseppe Maltauro S.p.A., now IMC Spa, with over 50 years experience building for the US Government in Italy, was bidding often on solicitations but was not able to win despite coming in with the lowest economic offers compared to the other participants. FORTI RADICI Business Development helped this company to change its approach to better respond to the requirements of the customer. We gave Maltauro our best know-how, we put at the disposition of the company our experience in bidding on US construction jobs and were able to get on the same wavelength as the contracting officers managing this contract. The company we support won this contract (and more since) and now a new four story facility for Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel will be ready in Vicenza during the summer of 2018, it will host 230 people and have also a multi-functional room, laundry and bulk storage on each floor. The site will be developed also with sidewalks, lighting, landscaping and will be certified with LEED Silver Certification. IMC S.p.A. is now the number one builder for the US Government in Italy.