Our Services

Identify Opportunities & Evaluation

  • Analysis of announcements and tenders and identification of new opportunities with the US Department of Defense and with International Projects funded by the US Federal Government;
  • evaluation of the opportunity together with the commercial manager in charge, based on the requirements of the announcement and on the company references; introduction of the company to the US government institutions involved in the announcement;

Assistance in the ocean of Bureaucracy

  • Assistance in all registrations in the necessary databases, for example, DUNS, NCAGE, SAM.GOV, WAWF, which are requested by the US Government agencies in order to participate, execute and be promptly paid by the US government institutions;

Consultancy to create the right Network of Relationships

  • Consultancy to find technical, commercial and institutional partners useful to promote the activity of the company supported by FRBD with the US Department of Defense and with the International Projects financed by the US Federal Government;

Assistance in Presenting the Offer

  • Support in participating in tenders: in gathering and preparing tender documentation and in the preparation of the commercial proposal in a foreign language, in close contact with technicians, engineers, designers;

Support During Execution of Awarded Contract

  • Support during the execution of the contract awarded, in the delivery of the product and / or service object of the tender;
  • assistance in navigating the payment system;
  • maintenance of contacts with the Public Administration and the contracting offices to resolve any post-execution unforeseen circumstances.

Which opportunities are right for me?